11 Things to know regarding school admissions in Qatar


The Supreme Education Council (SEC) has announced a set of guidelines relaxing the admission procedures to the schools. Here are 11 things you need to know while seeking admissions.

1. An expatriate student seeking admission in a private school is no more required to produce an equivalency certificate from the SEC. Earlier, all new students from abroad moving to a private school in Qatar were required to get their transfer certificates attested by the authorities concerned in their home countries as well as the Qatari embassies there.

2. Expatriate students from abroad (Eg. India) are required to provide only Transfer Certificates from their last school.

3. Parents can hereafter transfer their children between private schools without the SEC’s  permission, if there are vacancies at the appropriate level in the receiving school.

4. Only Qatari students moving from a private or international school to an Independent school requires certificates authenticated by Attestation and Equivalency Unit of the SEC to show equivalency.

5. Schools will have to announce the number of vacancies for each academic year in advance and admit the students within the period of time specified by the SEC.

6. The decisions regarding the admissions can be taken by the schools, according to their system. Main criteria are the age and academic level of the student.

7. Age is the primary consideration for admission but in exceptional circumstances, parents and the school could agree to admit a child a class less or higher. But the maximum difference between children in a class should not be more than two years.

8. When a student is enrolled in an age-inappropriate class, the school is required to ensure that parents are aware of immediate and long-term implications of such a decision. Parents will be required to sign a consent form.

9. Any student entering Qatar on a visa valid for less than a year will not be allowed to be admitted to a school.

10. No student shall be registered over and above a school’s capacity unless an approval is obtained from the SEC. The school’s capacity is calculated according to the report produced by the SEC.

11. Private schools which provide modified and alternative study methods to address the learning needs of students such as vocational courses and special needs programmes should seek the SEC’s  approval if this is different from the agreed education plan for the school.

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