9 Things to know before working in Qatar

1It’s impossible to get a residence permit for Qatar without an employment contract and a local employer to act as a sponsor.

2Employees may work only for their sponsor. There is nothing called  ‘Free Visa’ and it is a punishable offense to work under someone who is not your sponsor.

3After two years with the sponsoring company, it is possible to change sponsors if granted a no objection certificate (NOC).

4In order to bring your families on family visa, you need a minimum of QR 10,000 as monthly salary. Otherwise there are options for short term visit visas.

5Residents (except the spouse or children) always require an exit visa (exit permit) to leave Qatar.

6All residents must present proof of their residence or visa in Qatar when required by authorities, and not presenting this may result in a fine of QR10,000. This is to ensure there are no illegal workers.

7Employees have the right to keep their passport with themselves. Employers are not permitted to hold employee passports, except for visa and immigration processing.

8Your salary earned is tax-free and there are no regulations on how much of it you can send home. However you are accountable to show source of funds when sending big amounts.

9Qatar has clear labour rules that strive to protect the rights and welfare of employees as well as interests of employers. If you have any complaints you can report to the authorities and action would be taken.

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