How Bahrain residents can check their travel ban online


Bahrain’s Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments has launched a new online service in cooperation with the Informatics and eGovernment Authority that aims to assist citizens and residents to easily obtain information concerning their legal status in relation to travel bans before considering traveling abroad.

“The new service will provide citizens and residents easy access to a highly secured and regularly updated centralised system in order to confirm that they are not banned from travelling by any court order starting from July 2008,” Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa said.

“This will spare individuals from incurring any unnecessary costs associated with travel arrangements should there be a ban in place,” he said.

How to check the travel ban online

The new Travel Ban Service is available on and is currently only accessible in Arabic, with the English language version obtainable soon online.

Here is how you can access it even if you don’t know Arabic. :

(1) Go to  (Don’t change language to English, as this will not work with English for the time being)

(2) Click on the link marked as  خدمات المنع من السفر   (shown in blue colour below)

Alternatively, you can also visit this link which will take you directly to the page.


This will be the new page that opens up :


(1) Enter your Bahrain ID number in field marked as : *الرقم الشخصي

(2) Enter the verification code (as shown in the picture) in : أكتب النص

(3) Click on the left button

You will get a message in Arabic, which you can copy and paste to Google Translate to check.

(From what we understood, if the message is on green background, it means there is no ban.)

Ability to settle financial claims

The new online services will also give individuals the ability to settle any outstanding financial claims online without resorting to a court order in order to lift the travel ban, which will effectively streamline the process and reduce procedural costs.

In addition, once all dues are settled through the online system, a text message (SMS) is immediately sent to the individual confirming that the travel ban has been lifted.

The Nationality, Passports and Resident Affairs will be notified to ensure that all issues are resolved with immigration authorities at any port of departure, including Bahrain’s International Airport.



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