Qatar Guide : Job Visa Procedure


If you are outside Qatar and have received a job offer

  • Your company should now apply to the Ministry of Interior for a single entry visa which will be your temporary residence visa once you arrive. Your company’s PRO officer will handle the application process.
  • Approval takes 4-8 weeks and your company will send you a copy of the scanned entry visa or you can print a copy from the Ministry of Interior website.

Once you reach Qatar

  • The Immigration Officer at Doha International Airport will stamp your passport with the corresponding visa, which he/she will have on their system.
  • This entry permit will let you start working, but your employer should immediately start the process of obtaining your work/residence permit.

You will need the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of highest educational certificate/degree, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Embassy in your home country. Please note that you will need an Arabic translation of this certificate, done either in your home country or here in Qatar – usually your PRO will undertake handling the translation if you intend to get it done here.
  • Police Clearance Certificate from the country of the passport you are entering on, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Qatari Embassy of that country.

If you are already in Qatar

  • You may be able to attest the document at your Embassy and the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  1. Dear, nw iam in Qatar and I need to knw about how many time shuld take for an Indian job vissa if tha employer had applied for the vissa .!?

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