Leaked papers: No re-examination for NRI students, confirms CBSE


India’s Ministry of Human Resources and Development has announced that there is no evidence of any leakage of examination papers outside India and as a result there will not be any re-examination for NRI students pursuing studies at CBSE-affiliated schools outside India.

“Our information is that there is no leak outside India, so there will be no re-exams outside India,” Education Secretary Anil Swarup IAS said.

As per to the latest information, Class 10 Maths re-test is expected to be held in July while Class 12 Economics exam will be conducted on April 25.

The exams were cancelled after reports question paper leak emerged from Delhi.

No evidence of paper leakage outside India

The official said that there were no pan-India leakage nor there was any evidence of paper leakage outside India.

“Regarding Class 10th re examination, as leak was restricted to Delhi and Haryana, if at all a re-exam will happen, it will happen only in Delhi & Haryana and a decision will be taken on this in next 15 days. If at all a re-exam is done, it will be in July,” Anil Swarup told reporters.

“Our immediate concern of the children who have suffered and this decision is in that context. We will nail the person who did this,” he added.

The news was welcomed by NRI students and parents, who heaved a sigh of relief over the decision.

Earlier, the announcement about re-examination came as a shock for the students as most of them were preparing for holidays after the exam.

The stress of retaking the exams as well as uncertainty over the dates had created lot of panic.The re-examination move would have effectively put thousands of NRI students in a spot, but now with this latest decision, the students have earned a reprieve.

Published on 30 March 2018

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