Qatar MoI issues safety advisory for travellers


The Public Relations Department at Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued an advisory, titled ‘Have a Pleasant Trip’, in view of the upcoming summer vacation.

The advisory contains awareness tips that people in Qatar need to follow to ensure their safety and security before and during the holidays, the department has said in a statement.

A number of relevant topics are covered under different themes. These are as follows:

Securing the house before travel

  • Ensure to lock the doors of the house properly by using one or more high-quality locks.
  • Do not leave behind money, jewellery or other valuables inside and instead deposit them in a bank.
  • Before leaving the house, switch off the electric switchboard, gas pipelines and the main water valve.
  • People could also request their relatives or neighbours to pass by their house at intervals during the travel period to ensure their safety.

Official documents

  • Ensure that passports are valid for at least six months and they should obtain a visa on time.
  • Some embassies in Qatar require the signature of children aged 10 years or more on the passport.
  • One should also confirm the validity of official documents such as the ID card, driver’s licence, car ownership card and debit/credit cards.
  • Always keep official documents and personal valuables in a safe and secure place while travelling.
  • Do not pawn your passport or ID card to any party in any way.
  • In case of any problem, one must immediately inform the nearest diplomatic mission of his/her country and notify officials about the problem in detail.
  • Arrange for an international driver’s licence as the transit system in some countries does not allow a foreigner to drive unless s/he carries a licence issued by those countries.
  • Keep a copy of the passport and visa as this may help in case the originals go missing. This may be done by saving copies of both in one’s email.
  • Collect the address and telephone numbers of the embassies/consulates of their country located in their travel destinations.

Awareness and caution during travel

The ministry has advised travellers to be extra cautious about the situation around them – at hotels, airports, markets, etc – in order to ensure their personal security and safety.

  • Avoid mingling with unknown persons while travelling.
  • Avoid carrying jewellery or any valuables unnecessarily with you during the travel period.
  • Keep your money in a purse and ensure it is available at its place constantly.
  • Avoid using illegal taxis and visiting suspicious localities.
  • Act as ambassadors of your country, follow the rules and regulations of the host country as well as aviation laws, and not carry prohibited items.

If accompanied by domestic workers, the sponsor must enquire about their visas and relevant procedures in this regard.

Further, the advisory has reminded travellers to “carry currencies consistent with instructions of the host country” and excessive cash is required to be declared before Customs officers.

Published on 23 June 2017

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