2021 Guide: How to renew Indian Passport for minor children in Qatar


This guide explains the process to renew Indian Passport for minors (children below 18 years) while in Doha Qatar. Also contains list of documents required and other related information.

Minor : Applicants less than 18 years of age are considered as minor for issuance of passport.

1. Does my child need a separate passport or can be added to parent’s passport?

As per amended procedures, a minor should have a separate passport, as endorsement of child’s name in parent’s passports is not allowed anymore.

This measure has been introduced in the wake of the practice, increasingly being followed by major foreign diplomatic missions, by granting visas to minor children only if they are in possession of separate passports.

2. What is the validity of a minor’s passport?

Unlike adults (whose passport is valid for 10 years), passport validity for minors is only 5 years from the date of issue or until the age of 18, whichever comes first.

The five year validity period has been stipulated because the physical appearance of a child changes considerably over five years.

NOTE : If the child is between the age of 17 and 18 at the time of applying, a normal passport with the usual fee and validity will be issued.

3. When can I apply for my child’s passport renewal?

Applicants can apply for reissue of passport within one year of expiry of existing passport.

4. What is the process of renewing a minor’s passport?

The process of applying for minor’s passport is the same as applying for re-issue of passport. You need to apply at the Indian Embassy with the required documents.

The Consular Section of the embassy accepts the passport applications between 08:15 AM and 11:30 AM from Sunday through Thursday.

However, it is better to reach as early as possible, as applicants start queueing up at 6 am.

5. Does both the parents need to be present while applying?

No, Either parent of the child can go to Indian Embassy with the required documents. However, the original passports of both the parents have to be submitted.

6. Do I have to take the child to the embassy?

No, the child need not be taken to the embassy. Considering the crowd and long queue at the embassy premises, it is highly advisable not to take children unless it is required.

7. Can I apply at Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) at Abu Hamour?

Yes, with effect from 12 March 2019, Indian Cultural Centre  (ICC) is accepting passport reissue / renewal applications for newborn and minors also.

8. What are the documents required for renewal application at Indian Embassy?

  • Please fill up the online application form available in this link. Select the Indian Mission as Qatar-Doha and select the service desired as Fresh Passport. Fill all columns carefully and legibly. Print out of the application and sign where required.
  • Two photographs (colour) of size 50 mm x 50 mm. It should show front view of full face against white background.

TIP : Get the child’s latest photo taken in a good photo studio as they would know the required quality. Bad photo is a common reason why many applications get rejected.

  • Old passport of the child (original + copy)
  • Passport of both the Parent’s (original + copy)
  • Qatar ID of both the parents (copy)

9. What is the fee for renewal of children’s passport?

The fee for re-issue of minor’s passports is QR 185.

10. How many days are required for renewal of children’s passport?

Number of days required in normal cases is 6 working days. However if the old passport was issued in any other country, the number of days required may go up to 45 days.

The date on which the passport can be collected from the Embassy will be indicated when the application is submitted.

The passports and other documents, irrespective of date or time of submission, are delivered only between 03:00 PM to 04:15 PM on working days.

11. What to do if I need a passport urgently?

If you need the passport urgently you can avail of the Tatkal Scheme. Under the scheme passports can be obtained out of turn from the embassy on the same day or the next day.

An out of turn passport is normally issued only in cases of specified emergencies, on production of documentary evidence and against an additional fee of QR 550/-.

12. How to change the passport information in Qatar ID after getting new passport?

You can change the passport number and expiry dates by visiting any MoI service centre and submitting the following :

  • New and old Passports of the child (original + copy)
  • Qatar ID of the child, if it was issued (original + copy)
  • Recent photograph
  • Parent’s Qatar ID (original + copy)

You will be issued new QID upon payment of QR 100.

Note that it is not must to change the passport information as you can still travel by carrying both the passports.

If you plan to travel abroad and the passport validity is less than 6 months, please make sure to get new passport before travelling.


Originally published on 8 May 2016, Updated on 1 January 2021


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