Qatar Guide : Residence Visa Procedure



The standard immigration procedure for obtaining a residence permit is divided into the following stages:

  • Medical Check: A blood test for HIV and TB and a chest x-ray.
  • Fingerprinting: Once your medical results are published online, your fingerprints must be taken by the Criminal Evidence and Investigation Department (CEID).
  • Residence Permit and ID card.

For employment visa, your company’s PRO or sponsor will apply for these through the Immigration Department.

 Getting your RP takes about 2-6 weeks and you cannot leave Qatar during the process.

Qatar ID (Identity Card)

Once your RP is issued, you would be provided an Identity Card (Also called QID). According to Qatari law, all permanent residents in Qatar should carry the Qatar ID with them or at least be able to produce it when requested by an authorised officer.

The ID card is required for all dealings with Government ministries on daily basis. An ID card is often required for registration at clubs, bank accounts, schools, nurseries and so on.

Recently Qatar has replaced the RP sticker in passport with new Residence Card.

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    • Normally it takes 2-3 days only. It is better to have Metrash 2 service activated on your mobile so that you receive notification. After that you can go to MoI to apply for RP & QID.

  1. I am a doctor and I have come to Qatar for getting RP. Following are my queries which I request u to answer please..
    1)How long will it take to get RP??my medical check up is planned for tomorrow
    2)My employer advised me to go to Indian embassy tomorrow to also app!y for it really needed ?if so where and how to fill the application form?
    3)when will the finger printing process be started ?

  2. I have done my finger print and my company is demobilizing their employee. I am one of them. I had a job offer from different company. Is it possible for me to come back to Qatar after finger print. I did not receive any Residence visa till now. Please respond.

  3. I have very soft hands and my finger prints are invisible. Is there any alternate procedure available to clear this finger print test ? Kindly reply.

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