UAE announces changes to validity of expat driving licenses


UAE has announced a new set of traffic rules, most important of which being change in validity period of expatriate driving licenses.

Expatriates have to renew license every five years

Under the new law, Emiratis will have to renew their driving license every 10 years and expatriates every five years (instead of the current 10 years).

  • Starting from July 1, new drivers of all ages will get a two-year driving license.
  • Driving licenses will subsequently be renewed for 10 years for citizens.
  • However expatriates will be entitled for five years only after which they can renew every five year.

Rule will not affect existing licenses

The new rules will not affect existing driving licenses as these rules will have no retroactive force on commitments that existed, before the enactment of the law, Gulf News reported citing legal experts.

Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior issued Ministerial Decree for the year 2017 amending the Implementing Regulations of the Federal Law for the year 1995 regarding traffic laws.

Seat belts for children

The new rules allow drivers to seat children aged 10 or more in the front seat, obliging young children to be strapped into safety seats.

Wearing a seatbelt while travelling in a car will be compulsory under new laws to be enforced from July 1 and drivers will be fined Dh400 and receive four black points on their license for failing to ensure that all adults and children in their car are buckled up.

The law also says that motorists are not allowed to drive a motorbike without proper license and permit. The same goes for electric scooters, tricycles and quad bikes.

The new rules put the speed limit for vehicles in residential areas at 40 km per hour, and warn drivers against making noise or endangering lives of pedestrians near hospitals and schools.

Published on 16 April 2017

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